Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bright Lightenin' Quilt

Sorry I've been gone a while. After my last quilt top I needed a break. I have to admit, I was a bit depressed. That last top was just plain ugly. Hey, I calls 'em as I sees 'em! But, I am revived. Here is one of my quilt blocks. This one's my favorite. Let me know what you think. I'll post more tomorrow, I hope. Plus I hope to finally get to that korker bow tutorial I've promised a bit back.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kids Indoor Tent

Okay, I found this tent tutorial when I was out surfing the web. (It's what I do whenever I need to take the dog outside for a break.) and I thought, this is great and will be fabulous in G's room. Maybe she'll even hang out in there. So tonight I went and got all of the supplies. I'll post as soon as I get it assembled. Hopefully tomorrow. Check out the tutorial here

My puppy update

So, my puppy, Pocket, is starting to get the hang of this having a family stuff. He usually doesn't bark to loud or too long at night when it's bedtime. (The first few nights were brutal.) he goes potty outside half the time, and according to what I've read, that's normal. I'm kind of ready for him to be out of the puppy stage already. But he sure is darling when he bounces through the yard or slides around the house on our hard wood floors. My daughter has really taken to spoiling him, too. (Shhh...we are pretending she is the only one who spoils him. Lol.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Remember my fat quarter loot?

So, do you remember? It was just a couple of days ago. I turned those fat quarters into this colorful fall quilt top. I'm not sure if I really love it yet. My dad would say, "That's a bit loud, don't cha think?" what do you think? Leave me a comment and tell me whether to quilt it or scrap it.

The other side of the cut n press

This is the cutting side of the coolest quilting gadget ever!!!

My new favorite find

My new product find was this cool pressing board/cutting mat from hobby lobby. One side has the cutting mat and the other side has the foam filled ironing mat. I Love, Love, Love it! It was $32.00 at Hobby Lobby, but with the weekly 40% off coupon, I only paid $23.00 including tax for it. If you are a quilter who has limited space for quilting, you MUST get one of these. It makes quilting so much easier.

Friday, June 1, 2012

More Loot from BigLots

I found some one yard cuts of coordinating fabrics. I'm thinking some boutique clothes for my G! Of course, when I get them done she can model them for the blog!

My BigLots Loot

Get a load of my fat quarter find!!! I went to Big Lots today to mill around, and what do I find? Fabric. I am psyched. Now I need to find a fat quarter pattern and get to sewing. These are going to be a quilt. A wonderful, fall colored quilt. I will be sure to post when the quilt is done. Happy quilting y'all.

Sisters Playing House: Book of the Month: The Hunger Games

Sisters Playing House: Book of the Month: The Hunger Games
I get so excited when someone finds a new book they just love. Read her review of the hunger games book-not the movie. (ps the book is way better.)