Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tutorial Boutique Hair Bow

Tutorial Boutique Hair Bow

I'm going to show you how to build this boutique hair bow. 

First, gather your supplies...
Next, Measure your base bow.  I keep my lengths around five (5) inches and give each edge a slant cut.  This makes it easier to prepare the ends for anti-fray.  
Prepare the ends to avoid fraying.  There are a few options to choose from to accomplish this.  I prefer to use a flame.  I use the lighter in the picture above.  You just want to get the edges close to the flame, if you get it into the flame, you can actually light the ribbon on fire.  If that happens, just blow it out...don't freak out whatever you do.

Layer the cuts into a fan like fashion. Then, sew the layers together while pinching the middle of the layers.  Then, sew your base bow together.  Set aside for use later.

Now proceed to your next bow in the stack.  You measure approximately 24 inches of ribbon, cut it, and prepare the ends.  Then fold the ribbon in half and press the fold so that you can see the fold when you unfold it.

Using the fold, create a figure 8.  Then you bring in the two loops, pinch, and sew into the bow. 

Figure 8

Both loops brought in
Bring in the loops

Pinch in the center
Sew it secure

After you finish this bow and add it to the base, create your top bow.  Start the same way you did the last one...measure, fold, press. Then bring up two other loops and secure.  Don't forget to fix the ends of the ribbon so they won't fray.
Put them all together and cover the thread with a ribbon knot.


  1. I love the lighter tip. Very clever!

  2. Thanks y'all. Yes, I have burnt my fingers many times before I discovered the click lighter. Now, I don't burn my fingers and have more control so my bows look better.